When it comes to safety we believe in exceeding compliance.

Safety is job one at Duvera.

Safety First:

Our Environmental,

Occupational Health &

Safety Policy

Duvera supports the goals for adhering to high standards of environmental quality

and providing a workplace that protects

the health and safety of our employees
and contractors working on our behalf
and the public.


In accordance with these goals, our Company policy is:

• To conduct activities in a manner consistent with appropriate safety, health and environmental considerations.

• To establish and maintain Company controls, including regular reviews, to assure that Duvera’s policy is being properly implemented and maintained.

• To meet or exceed all applicable environmental quality, occupational health and safety and product safety laws and regulations.

• To operate in a manner to protect the health, safety and environment of our employees and the public.

In this regard, all employees and contractors have an obligation to work based on the following principle:

Employees and Contractors shall have a thorough understanding of the hazards to which they are exposed prior to commencement of work and shall have:

• Identified all potential hazards.

• Assessed the hazards.

• Communicated the risks to everyone   involved in the work.

• Taken all appropriate measures to mitigate the risk.

• The opportunity to participate in designing and implementing hazard control measures.

• The right to refuse work which is unsafe.